10363760_10152404818583890_5082372682475903264_n“Entrepreneurship is a calling, just like being called to the ministry. It is derived from a French word meaning, “one who creates something new,” and is meant to bring growth and advancement to a community or nation. When God transforms a city or region for His kingdom , one of the things he does is set entrepreneurs and business leaders to place along with missionaries and priests. They both have a grace to turn the economy around and advance the kingdom of God.”~ Bill Winston

Presently we are seeking individuals who are ready to become entrepreneurs. Inbox me for more info or BBMme:7406B80C Or call +2347033695070 or email:

Or go to: and click on “Get started for free right now!” on the home page. Do It Now! #GoodNews!

Study what’s working- God has new ways of blessing you.

If I had never been fired, I wouldn’t have developed the skills that made me who I am in life today, by God’s Grace.

Discover the champion in you! Get ready for increase!


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